Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Kids Are Funny

I have some funny kids. I also have some very strong willed kids. I have to remind myself that I have raised my kids to stick to their beliefs,and not to be afraid to speak their mind as long as it's done respectfully.

Some weeks raising strong willed kids comes back to bite me in the butt.

Thankfully this was not one of those weeks. This week was just the funny part....even if it may be slightly embarrassing to me.

1. We were in home depot last Sunday and walking through the tool section. Holly,dressed in her dress and her hair done and makeup done(It's her newest phase of always look your best),turns to me and says,"You know mom if I play my cards right in life I will never have to learn how to use any of these tools."

   (Now before anyone gets upset...I have raised all the kids knowing how to mow the lawn,do the dishes,and handle simple household tools. They all rotate on the chores done around the house.I WILL NOT raise kids that do not know how to take care of themselves. Lord knows there have been many times I have only had myself to rely on.)

2.  I came downstairs the other day to find Squishy sitting on the kitchen counter,having De help her make a PB&J sandwich. I commented "Well look at you." and her reply was:

"I know momma I'm cute."

3. We were grocery shopping yesterday and I was standing comparing prices when Squishy(again),announces in the middle of the aisle

"Momma your boobies are really full."

Without even thinking,I looked down and said,"Yes they are."

Poor guy in the same aisle wandered his way out of there.

4. And the last funny of the day comes again from know she's almost three so she's hilarious. She was sitting on my lap the other night after diaper changes for her and Andrew and she informs me,

"You know what Andrew has? He has a Peanuts. You know what daddy has? He has a peanuts too..."

Yes,yes, she is noticing the difference between boys and girls. Even if she can't pronounce it right.

Like I said my kids are funny.

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